Our Philosophy

Sendera values multifamily housing as a sound investment that provides current income, capital preservation and appreciation for partnerships when managed with integrity and hard work. The company distinguishes itself by providing unparalleled service at every level of each investment, from the residents at our

properties to our joint venture partners. The Sendera team approaches each opportunity with disciplined

and well defined underwriting parameters. Sendera principals co-invest significant equity of their

own in every venture alongside their partners.

Our Objectives

Sendera’s investment objective is to acquire well-located A and B quality assets with a value add opportunity

and provide the capital and management expertise to enhance operations, increasing cash flow and the value of the asset. Partnerships are fully capitalized at acquisition closing to maintain cash flow to the partnership or venture through the course of the renovation process.


Sendera is dedicated to providing its institutional and private capital partners value add returns through the acquisition and repositioning of multifamily properties. Target returns are achieved by:

  • Thorough underwriting and due diligence analysis of properties.

  • Acquiring well-located assets in markets with strong fundamentals.

  • Implementing capital improvements that will enhance values via increased operating incomes.

  • Diligent oversight of property management.

  • Monitoring the capital markets closely to implement timely and well-planned exit strategies.


Sendera recognizes its residents ultimate satisfaction is key to a successful business plan. Each renovation program is customized to meet the needs of the specific tenant profile of the property and market. Residents are provided quality renovations with energy efficiency and water conservation in mind.



Sendera has an excellent reputation for consistently providing value add returns for its investors.

Examples of performance include:


  • Arbrook Park - Arlington, TX Class A Core Plus; 5 year hold 16% IRR

  • Culbreath Key - Tampa, FL Class A Condo Conversion; 2 year hold; 88% IRR

  • Sendera Palms - Orlando, FL Class B Value Add; 2 year hold; 74% IRR

  • Hideaway Bay Club - Orlando, F Class B Value Add; 2 year hold; 95% IRR

  • Sendera del Sol - Dallas, TX Class B Value Add; 3 year hold; 18 % IRR

  • The Merce - Dallas, TX Class B Value Add; 5 year hold; 18% IRR

  • San Mateo - San Antonio, TX Class A Value Add; 2 year hold; 51% IRR

  • Castle Hills Town Homes - San Antonio, TX Class A Value Add; 3 year hold; 26% IRR

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